Standard 22 NX, Gyro compass

Standard 22 NX

Operates accurately and reliably in all environmental conditions

The Standard 22 NX is a gyro compass, a nonmagnetic compass that uses a motor-driven gyroscope to indicate true north. Raytheon Anschütz designed the Standard 22 NX for high accuracy, reliability and operational safety even under harshest environmental conditions for all kind of ships. With interfaces for serial data, Ethernet and Bridge Alert Management it offers easy installation and integration.

Key Benefits

The upmost in reliability 

Standard 22 NX uses unique and superior sensor technology, proven over 15 years in more than 20,000 installations.

  • Inductive and optical data transmission, no slip rings that are subject to wear
  • Unique resistant design reduces environmental influence (i.e. shocks, vibrations)
  • Reliability and best accuracy of heading information under any environmental condition, proven many times even in high latitudes

Servicing made dead easy 

Standard 22 NX is much easier to install and maintain, and provides multiple interfaces for serial data communication, Ethernet and Bridge Alert Management.

  • Standard 22 NX is installed by use of standard cabling (redundant CAN bus), less wiring effort 
  • Webserver functionality for configuration, software update and diagnosis – no need of proprietary tools
  • Configuration in two minutes possible by upload of a configuration file

Long time secure

investment with an unsurpassed price-performance ratio over lifetime, Standard 22 NX offers best value for money in newbuilding and retrofit projects.

  • Unsurpassed price / performance ratio (low initial price) 
  • Long-term stability of heading performance (rock solid technology)
  • Low lifecycle cost because of long maintenance intervals (18-24 months) and long lifetime of gyrosphere
  • Approved as gyro compass, gyro compass for high-speed craft and rate-of-turn indicator