PilotStar NX, Autopilot

PilotStar NX

Precise autopilot with versatile functionality 

The autopilot is approved as heading control system for standard and for high-speed crafts. The PilotStar NX includes latest technical developments such as Ethernet communication and bridge alert management – this makes PilotStar NX easy to integrate into various system environments. The PilotStar® NX offers superior steering performance and an extended range of functionality for day-to-day use and special applications.

KEY Benefits

Reliable steering performance

Several steering modes for precision and reliability.

  • Heading control mode: automatic steering on a defined heading.
  • NAV mode: follows the set point commands from route planning systems such as GPS receivers or chart plotters, including graphical and numerical presentation of deviations.
  • NFU/FU control: the rudder is controlled manually by using the soft buttons or the knob.

Versatile functional range

Useful features that make both day-to-day operations and special applications safer and simpler.

  • The “Heading & Rudder Plot” allows for simple adjustments of autopilot parameters to optimize steering performance and fuel consumption.
  • “Trim mode” reduces rudder activity and optimizes steering performance for vessels with asymmetrical loads.
  • “Fix turn” allows pre-defined heading changes with a single push of a button.

Long time secure investment

Best value for newbuilding and refit projects.

  • Ease of use service features for simple and safe commissioning
  • Easy to integrate into various system environments, and extendable with NautoSteer AS tillers for the design of compact steering gear control systems
  • Compliant to latest performance and test standards for bridge alert management and standardized Ethernet communication (IEC 61162-450)